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We’re here for you.

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Real-Time Data Flow


Make Better Decisions

With Real Time Data Flow information in hand, you are able to make better decisions and create a more efficient Collection System/Facility


React Quickly

Make quicker decisions based on accurate information that will result in operational cost savings


Choose Your Parameters

Customized graphs allow you to quickly view parameters that have the most significance on your Collection System/Facility

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Teledyne Isco offers the highest quality and widest variety of automatic wastewater samplers, open channel flow meters, and storm water monitoring systems in the industry. We are proud to have represented Teledyne Isco for over 45 years.


Tracom provides a complete line of fiberglass-reinforced plastics (FRP) products for a wide range of corrosive and abusive environments. Their line includes flumes, weirs, packaged metering manholes, enclosures, buildings, and consoles.

s::can is a technology leader for submersible online UV Vis spectrometer probes. The i::scan multi-parameter spectrophotometer probe measures with light rather than reagents.


Hagan Alsept (Maintenance Director Of Jeffersonville Wastewater Dept. (Jeffersonville, IN)

“The team is so helpful working through issues. They even stopped by to look at a flow meter that wasn’t theirs. They go beyond to help."