The Telog HRP-32 is a hydrant pressure recorder for monitoring water pressure in distribution systems. These hydrant pressure recorders are designed to replace costly, high maintenance chart recorders for monitoring water pressure in distribution systems.

The Telog HPR-32 series is Telog’s next generation of hydrant pressure recorders and incorporates wireless technology for hands-off data transfer straight to your desktop.

Wireless Communication: The power of every Telog HPR-32 hydrant pressure recorder is wireless data transfer capability.  Using wireless technology enables unmanned monitoring of remote sites as well as instant updates and alarm notifications.

Battery Power: All Telog hydrant pressure recorders have low power requirements so they can be battery operated. The Telog HPR-32 uses a single, user-replaceable D cell lithium battery. At a typical two calls per day, the battery will last up to five years.

Packaging and Installation: Every hydrant pressure recorder from Telog is a low-profile, rugged unit that is easily installed by one person on a standard 2.5 inch hose nozzle outlet. For ease of mind an optional security cover can be used to prevent vandalism. Once installed, data is immediately available using the Telog Online Solution, Telogers for Windows or Telog Enterprise software.

Telog HPR-32 applications include:

  • Investigating pressure complaints
  • Fire flow testing
  • Pressure loss tests
  • Calibrating hydraulic models
  • Monitoring system pressures
  • Hydrant capacity testing
  • High speed sampling to 4 samples/sec

The HPR-32 is also available with impulse event capture capability.