Weir Boxes

For those instances where low flows require highly accurate measurement, TRACOM offers customized weir boxes for precision flow measurement and sampling. Taking your specific flow rates and flow stream composition into consideration, one of our technical experts sizes each weir box to provide you with a product with the smallest footprint possible while covering the full range of your flows.


Comes Complete for Installation

Each weir box comes complete with a fixed weir plate, fixed inlet baffle (adjustable baffles also available), inlet and discharge areas, and end connections (where required). Each weir box is sized in accordance with ISO 1438/1-1990.


Options and Accessories

  • 22 ½, 30, 45, 60, 90, and 120 degree V-notches
  • Multiple or adjustable baffle plates
  • Ultrasonic mounting brackets
  • Bubble tubes
  • Sample tubes
  • Submerged probe cavities
  • Stilling wells (detached)
  • Staff gauges
  • Removable probe holders
  • Pipe stubs
  • Flanged end connections
  • FRP grating
  • Solid panel FRP covers (removable or fixed)
  • Chemically resistant gel coat