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Open Channel

Isco 2160 LaserFlow™

The LaserFlow™ velocity sensor remotely measures flow in open channels with non-contact Laser Doppler Velocity technology and non-contact Ultrasonic Level technology. The sensor uses advanced technology to measure velocity with a laser beam at single or multiple points below the surface of the wastewater stream. (Patented) The sensor uses an ultrasonic level sensor to measure […]

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Signature® Flow Meter

The Signature® flow meter is designed for open channel flow monitoring applications. It supports flow measurement technologies including ultrasonic level, bubbler level, submerged ultrasonic area velocity, and non-contacting laser Doppler area velocity. The meter can calculate flow using standard open channel level-to-flow conversions, as well as user defined equations or level to flow data points, […]

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ADFM® Pro20 Velocity Profiler

The ADFM® Pro20 brings unparalleled flow measurement accuracy to large pipes and channels, delivering flow rate data within 2% of actual value, in flow depths up to 20 feet (6 m). Four (4) piezoelectric ceramics in the sensor emit short pulses along narrow acoustic beams pointing in different directions to measure velocity. A fifth ceramic […]

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Isco 2100 Series Flow Modules

Isco’s 2100 Series offers flexible, modular design and easy configuration for a wide range of networked open-channel flow monitoring applications, including Inflow and Infiltration studies, cMOM and AMP data collection, and river monitoring. Rugged, versatile, modular design and easy configuration for a wide range of networked open-channel flow monitoring applications. Compact, stackable, NEMA 4x, 6P […]

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Closed Pipe

FLUXUS F (permanent)

For permanent installations, FLEXIM engineered the FLUXUS® F501 or F704 series. The FLUXUS® F501 is the ideal solution for any water and wastewater applications from line sizes between 1.5 to 12 inches with particle loads up to 6% content by volume. For bigger line sizes, higher solid contents (up to 10% content by volume) and […]

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FLUXUS® F601 measures the flow of liquids using FLEXIM’s proven transit-time correlation technique. Special ultrasonic transducers are simply clamped onto the outside of the pipe and never come in direct contact with the liquid. No cutting into the pipe or process interruption is required for installation. Features and Benefits Reliable measurement even under the most […]

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