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Thermo Scientific

Orion Chlorine XP Water Quality Analyzer

The Orion Chlorine XP Analyzer measures free, total, and combined chlorine, as well as pH and temperature, providing accurate, objective, and instantaneous readings of chlorine in water. The colorimetric technology and auto calibration functionality minimize the need for periodic calibrations and is compatible with all disinfectant systems. User-selectable reagent mixing allows users to increase usage […]

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Orion 2109XP Fluoride Analyzer

For many of us, water is simple to access at the turn of a faucet. We think little about the silent process that consistently delivers it without delay. As the pioneer of fluoride electrode technology, the new, Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 2109XP fluoride analyzer is based on the Standard Test Method for Fluoride Ion in Water […]

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RDO Pro-X Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Markets/Applications Municipal and industrial wastewater Aeration tanks Aerobic digesters Plant effluent monitoring (NPDES permit holders) Anaerobic digesters Aquaculture Brewing Fermentation Bio-processing Many applications also exist in chemical processing, food and dairy, pulp and paper, and other process industries Product Specifications The latest generation in rugged luminescent dissolved oxygen technology for wastewater monitoring 0 to 20 […]

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AquaSensors Ozone DataStick

This modular analytical measurement system for water and process control allows you to monitor water quality parameters either directly from your SCADA/PLC/DCS or through a local display. Just choose your communication type, sensor module, and interchangeable sensor head and you’re online. Features: Clark cell technology Precalibrated (no field calibration required) Plug and play sensor heads […]

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AquaPro™ Multi-Input Intelligent Process Analyzer

Get accurate, user-friendly in-line monitoring with the Thermo Scientific™ AquaPro™ Multi-Input Intelligent Process Analyzer. This analyzer provides flexible monitoring for a wide range of applications for complex process operations worldwide, from power generation to municipal water and wastewater. Advantages Large color display Up to four sensor inputs Up to eight current outputs Up to six […]

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Teledyne Isco

Water Quality Multi-Parameter Sonde

The AQ700 Sonde from Teledyne Isco comprises up to six different sensors in a single sonde, for a total of ten possible measured parameters. Depending on your monitoring requirements, the AQ700 can operate with any of the following Teledyne Isco instruments: 6712 Series Samplers Avalanche® Portable Refrigerated Sampler Signature® Flow Meter 2105 Interface Module All […]

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Dewatering Equipment

Solids Separation Dewatering Equipment

Solids Separation & Dewatering Simulation Techniques Spectrum Water provides unique and innovative equipment to the industry for dewatering, solid-liquid separation, and water purification. Spectrum rents, leases, and sells to a variety of service, processing, manufacturing, and environmental industries. The Spectrum Water Staff has many years of experience in the manufacturing of dewatering equipment and in […]

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