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Make Better Decisions

With Real Time Data Flow information in hand, you are able to make better decisions and create a more efficient Collection System/Facility

React Quickly

Make quicker decisions based on accurate information that will result in operational cost savings

Choose Your Parameters

Customized graphs allow you to quickly view parameters that have the most significance on your Collection System/Facility

Map Page

  • The Map Page shows locations for monitored sites, as well as alarm status by color
  • View maps in either “satellite view” (topography) or “streets view”
  • Both site information and site data overlays the site pin marker

Dashboard Page

  • The Dashboard Page is an overview of the sites’ flow data activity
  • Quick-view of alarm status and display data summaries of monitored sites
  • When an alarm is present, the colors indicate the alarm status and alarm details, such as low battery voltage


  • Create reference curves (blue line) for comparisons
  • Import rain data (inverted from top of graph) to help see the relationship between rainfall and I&I